Care for Cambodia is committed to employing locals as much as possible.  The employment and training of those in need of employment is a valuable part of our mission.  Foreign input is valued through short and long term volunteers and foreign staff are present to mentor, inspire and enable our local workers.  This will help ensure sustainability so that Care for Cambodia can carry on, long after the foreign workers have gone home.



Khemera Teece: Director General & Founder.  Care for Cambodia was the vision of Khemera and he has overseen many seasons of the organisation.  He retains a heart to see his country develop and for his fellow citizens to be able to care for themselves.

Khemera is married to Sokhen and has 4 children.




Sreyda Chhoun: Executive Director.  Sreyda has been part of Care for Cambodia since she was 13 years old.  She was the driving force behind the first ever Children’s Project in Sensok resettlement village.

Sreyda is married to Roda and they have two sons, Isaac and Luka.




Theavy Yon: Office Manager.  Theavy joined CFC in 2017 having just completed a university degree in Information Management.

Theavy is a keen musician and is an active member in his local church, having led the youth group for several years.



Srey Nich Horm: Children’s Project Manager.  Srey Nich has been involved with CFC since she was 6 years old.  She was one of the first children to join Sreyda’s Children’s Project.  She graduated into our Youth Project then received a university scholarship before getting a job working with us.

Srey Nich is a great example to the young people in our Children’s Project.



Khunthia Pech: Children’s Project Assistant.   Khunthia has been with Care for Cambodia since 2004, initially joining as a house mother.  Since the orphanage closed in 2015 she has taken on the role of Aftercare Support for the children who formerly lived in the Care for Cambodia orphanage.

Khunthia is married with two children; Deborah and Matthai.




Sophea Sen: Youth Project Leader.  Sophea joined Care for Cambodia in 2017 and is currently working towards a degree in English.  Sophea is an enthusiastic and friendly staff member and is the joker in the office.

He is a passionate sportsman and loves playing football in his free time.



Jill Hamill: Student Scholarship Manager.  Jill joined Care for Cambodia in 2011 and helps in a number of ways in addition to her formal role of managing the student scholarship scheme.

Jill also runs a translation company and in her spare time loves to run & compete in (& win) marathon and ultra marathon races throughout SE Asia.




Elizabeth Touch: Student Liason.  Elizabeth joined Care for Cambodia’s children’s home as a child.  She received a scholarship from Care for Cambodia to study Management at university and now works part time with Jill managing the scholarship scheme.

In addition to her work with us, Elizabeth also works freelance in the real estate business



Ratana Ek: Family Project Manager.  Ratana joined Care for Cambodia in 2017 having previously studied nursing at university.

Ratana is married to Sovann and in 2018 had a baby son called Elvin.





Sarom Prek: Caretaker.  Sarom joined Care for Cambodia in 2010 initially as a house mother.  Since we closed the orphanage her role mapped into a property care-taking role.  Sarom is a widow with 8 adult children.

Sarom lives on site and looks after our organisational dog Rio.




Rio the dog: Cheerleader, Encourager and Lover.

Born in January 2018, Rio joined Care for Cambodia in March of the same year.  He stays at our head office with Sarom and loves it when new people come to visit.





Jonny Hamill: Deputy Director.  Jonny joined Care for Cambodia in 2011 after first visiting in 2009.  Jonny is responsible for International Communications & Fundraising and supports Khemera and Sreyda in their roles.  He holds a seat on the local Board of Directors and also on the International Trustee Board.

In his spare time he likes to exercise, play sport and sleep through movies.