Supporting our work

Thanks for your interest in supporting our work – there are lots of ways to get involved and support the work of CFC.

One-off Donation

If you’d like to donate… Click here to make a one-off donation through Paypal (This will re-direct the page to Papal – which hosts the secure collection of the donation.)

Regular Donation

To set up a regular donation, please select an amount from the drop menu below, then click ‘donate’. You will be taken to the Paypal checkout to complete the set up of the regular donation.

Payment Options

If you would like to make a larger monthly donation contact our administrator by e mail –

Sponsor a village

You can sponsor a CFC village for as little as $33 per month. This covers the cost of teacher and teaching resources.

Alternatively for $85 per month you can provide full sponsorship for the village. This includes school materials (uniform, schoolbag, books, pens etc.) for, on average, 40 children.
Please see the sponsorship brochure here for more information.

Every sponsor will receive a village information sheet like this unique to their sponsored village.