Make a donation – Running an organisation employing 80 local staff costs money!  Please consider helping financially.

You could contribute cash to build a classroom (c. $4000), install a playground (c. $1400), run a training event (variable $500 +).  Perhaps you could contribute the funds then come to visit the project as it opens.

You could sponsor a village.  Sponsorship costs c. $35 per month.  More information about this can be found here.


Alternative Gifts – You can support our projects by purchasing an item to be used by the local community; water filters, whiteboards, soap etc.  These are all in great demand and provide substantial benefit.


Gifts can be bought online here or via a postal form here.


Visit – There is a proverb in many languages similar to this ‘what the eyes haven’t seen the heart cannot grieve’.  Come and visit us, spend a day visiting a project with us.  Spend a few weeks volunteering with us – or maybe longer!  If you are interested in this then please contact us here.

Donate your skills – Teaching, web design, administration, graphic design, media, practical skills – these and many more can be used to benefit others.  Contact our office to discuss further.

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